A Busy Time

Busy Bee

I’ve been very busy lately which is good for my life, bad for regular website updates. :-)

To round it up:

Sunday July 12th – first British gig in years for my mate Stephen Almighty Pop. Ace!

Saturday 18th July – I DJed at How Does It Feel in London. Double ace!

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th JulyIndietracks! Triple ace!

Tuesday 28th July to Tuesday 4th August – I was in Sweden to play the Cosy Den 5 Year Festival. Infinity ace!

I’ll write more about each of those events shortly, when I have enough thinking time to sort everything out in my head. I feel like the last four weeks, I’ve done more than in the previous six months. I’ve played two fantastic gigs, met loads of lovely new people and heard some wonderful secrets.

It’s been intense and I feel utterly drained today. I’m wondering… what now? Inevitably, there’s something of a sense of post-come about everything now. Although I know that will fade, I partly don’t want it to dissipate as it spurs me on to keep trying to be more adventurous. Innit.

So, for any regular readers, sorry for the paucity of posts. But you’ll be getting shitloads soon. :-)

August 8, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

Cosy Den Festival

Cosy Den Festival

I’m very happy to say that I’m playing the Cosy Den festival in Stockholm:

I’ve played at Cosy Den four times since 2005 and every gig has been brilliant!

If you can make it to the Saturday, when I’m playing, please do come and say hello! :-)
love and kisses,

July 21, 2009. posted by Jyoti. New Gigs, News.

Am I Me?


You know, identity is always suspect. Years ago, someone even pretended to be me to get free drinks in pubs, pretty bizarre behaviour for someone straight-edge like me. :-)

So, just so you know, here I am:

Say hello! :-)

May 4, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

Sound On Sound Cover Feature What I Wrote

Jyoti's Modular

I’m very chuffed that I wrote the cover feature for this month’s issue of Sound On Sound, the best recording magazine in the world.

My article is about how I went from being scared of modular synthesizers to finally buying my own. You can check out an excerpt by clicking here.

My modular is the most fun bit of kit that I own. I wish I’d bought one years ago!

March 28, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

The Jeunes

The Jeunes

The Jeunes were a great band:

The Jeunes were a band from Seattle, Washington, influenced primarily by British new wave and post punk. Comparisons ranged from the Cure, Stone Roses, Velvet Underground and Joy Division to Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and Opal.

They formed in 2002; disbanded in 2005. Their only release was a four song EP, although they left behind unfinished and unreleased recordings of many more songs.

I just got this email from James Jeune:

Hi Jyoti,

Hope you’re doing well!

I just wanted to let you know we finally got around to releasing your 2004 remix of “Never Be The Same” – on a new LP by the Jeunes called Strangers In The Night.

Ironically the LP is mostly 2008 remixes of recordings the Jeunes made in 2004/5. In keeping with the history of the band, we decided to make it available as a free download. You can download it in 256k MP3 form (with cover art) in a single zip file here. The password to open the file is “june” (without the quotes).

Folks can also download from iTunes, emusic, Amazon and a limited edition CD is available from CD Baby.

Our website is here.

Feel free to give out the free download link on your blog or anywhere else – otherwise feel free to just download a copy for yourself if you’re interested!


James (& the Jeunes)

Well, better late than never! :-)

And it’s FREEEEE!

January 20, 2009. posted by Jyoti. News.

Merry Crimbo 2008!

A New Surprise EP

Ho ho ho!

As a special festive treat, for one week only you can download the mp3 version of my 2006 ‘A New Surprise EP’ totally free! I’ve even written a little background blurb that I’ve included as a text file.

The EP was originally released as 7″ vinyl by Heavenly Pop Hits, a Swedish indie label.

The songs on the EP are:

A1 A New Surprise
A2 Melissa Joan Hart
B1 Make A Right At Jordfallsmotet (cover version of the classic Agent Simple song)
B2 Theme For A Post-Watershed Cop Show Set In Wellingborough

The zip file of the EP is around 12 megabytes so beware if you’re not on broadband!

Click here to download the EP! Sorry, it’s gone now!

Thanks to all of you for supporting my music, I hope you all have a great Christmas / Saturnalia / whatever and a happy and healthy 2009!
love and kisses,

December 24, 2008. posted by Jyoti. News.

Me And The 808


Rhodri Marsden has written an excellent article about the TR-808, probably the best drum machine EVER! And I’m very honoured that I was one of the people he interviewed for it. Warning: very high geek factor! :-)

Here you go:

Rhythm king: The return of the Roland 808 drum machine

love and kisses,

PS – I’ll be doing a little festive pressie soon… keep your eyes peeled!

December 15, 2008. posted by Jyoti. Links, News.

UK Zazzle

Bzangy Records / White Town UK Merchandise

Woohoo! Good news if you’re a UK fan and want some tasty White Town / Bzangy Records swag. There’s now a UK version of Zazzle! So, just click here and you can drape yourself in fine frippery!

November 13, 2008. posted by Jyoti. News.

Why I Love CD Baby

CD Baby Cheque
Look! I’m RICH! Well… it’s a start…

Ahhh, look at it. Money I’ve made from music, posted directly to me. No label, no accountants, no expensive audits to see how much money the label has “forgotten” to pay me this time… bliss!

I think this is the fourth cheque this size I’ve got from CD Baby. There were two or three earlier, smaller ones before I raised the payment limit to make the conversion more economical (banks charge to convert because, ummm… they can).

Notice also that most of the money is from digital downloads. In actual, physical CDs, I’m selling a piffling amount. This is the reality for musicians nowadays – nobody really gives a crap about physical product. Sure, I’ll keep on releasing CDs but this is because I’m an old bloke wot likes to hold a lyrics booklet, likes to see artwork. Obviously, that isn’t how most buyers of my music feel. Logically, I should stop manufacturing physical products. But I won’t because I’m nostalgic and illogical and love the feeling when a new album of mine arrives in shrinkwrap. Releasing an album only as an mp3… it just wouldn’t feel as real to me.

Also, the bulk of that digital income is from iTunes. I tried to get on iTunes for around a year with no joy, even got my lawyer to email them. CD Baby got me on there in about a month. That income is money that, if I’d left it to Apple’s iTunes Store admin team, I would never have earned.

If you’re an independent musician who hasn’t ever tried CD Baby, check them out. Having been a musician for 25+ years now, I can tell you it brings a tear to my rheumy old eye to actually get paid for my work.

I’d also like to thank every one of you out there who’s paid to buy my music. Believe me, it does mean a lot to me! :-)

September 21, 2008. posted by Jyoti. News.

Buy Stuff!

Zazzle Bzangy merchandise

Do you long to wear a tiny, independent record label’s logo on your chest? A label no-one’s ever heard of, hence making you cooler than liquid helium?

Are you a long-time White Town fan who’d love to have teeny-tiny badge versions of all my albums?

Well, today’s your lucky day! :-)

I’ve just opened a suitably miniscule merch shop. Click here!

(Oh, and you can choose colours, sizes and even styles of top. But I’d steer clear of the camo.)

February 25, 2008. posted by Jyoti. News.

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